Vera Drebusch, born 1986 in Herdecke (DE), lives and works 
in Hamburg and Cologne. Before studying at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, in Bogotá, and at the Art Academies of Bremen (Class Franka Hörnschemeyer) and Kassel, she was awarded a diploma in photography at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Dortmund. During her studies, Drebusch was already taking up artist residencies 
and international scholarships in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, as well as in Bogotá and the USA. These experiences led to a number of group and
 solo exhibitions in Cologne, Düsseldorf, the Ruhr area, and Berlin, as well as international shows in Istanbul, York, Brussels, Bangkok, Vienna, and others. 2013 Vera Drebusch was co-initiator of the independent exhibition space GOLD+BETON at Ebertplatz in Cologne and has realized curatorial projects in Germany and abroad for the Westdeutscher Künstlerbund, among others. She has received numerous international scholarships and awards, including the Young Artist Prize of the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia in 2015 and the Media Artist Scholarship of the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia in 2016. In recent years she has taught at the University of Cologne’s Institute for Art and Art Theory and at the Faculty of Cultural Studies at the University of Paderborn. Drebusch’s artistic approach is driven by different issues and mediums within which she investigaes her notions of contemporary history, and questioning the aesthetics, structures, and images of our cultural life.


2019 Wilhelmshaven, DE | Nomination for the NORDWESTKUNST Award | Kunsthalle
2017 Los Angeles, USA | Nomination for Villa Aurora Grant
2016 Dortmund, DE | Grant from the State NRW for Media Artists
2015 Düsseldorf, DE | Young Artists Award of the State of NRW
2015 York, UK | Shortlisted for Aesthetica Art Prize
2014 Düsseldorf, DE | Nomination for Nam June Paik Newcomer Award
2013 Cologne, DE | Winner of KHM Award
2006 Cologne, DE | Winner of German Youth Photo Prize

Scholarships (Selection)

2019 Worpswede, DE | Künstlerhäuser, Artist in Residence
2018 Hallein, A | Silent Night Museum, Artist in Residence
2018-19 Hamburg, DE | Claussen-Simon-Stiftung, Annual Grant
2017 Dundalk, IR | The Corridor, Artist in Residence
2016-17 Los Angeles, USA | Ministry of Culture NRW, Travel Grant
2016 Istanbul, TUR | Neola Art Projects, Artist in Residence
2016 Virginia, USA | NRW Art Foundation, Travel Grant
2015 St. Moritz, CH | St. Moritz Art Academy, Travel Grant
2014 Montepulciano, ITA | Colleg for Music & Art, Travel Grant
2014 Linz, A | Studio Salzamt, Artist in Residence
2013 Bogotá, CO | Universidad Nacional de Colombia, DAAD Scholarship
2013 Vilnius, LTU | Migrating Arts Academy, Travel Grant
2012 Schöppingen, DE | Artist‘s Village, Artist in Residence
2012 Montreal, CA | Goethe Institut Montreal, Travel Grant
2011 Kattowitz, PL | Videonale, Kunstmuseum Bonn, Travel Grant


2010-15 Cologne, DE | Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Media Art, Diploma
2015 Kassel, DE | University of Arts, Textile, Guest
2013 Bogotá, CO | National University, Artes Plasticas, Exchange
2010 Bremen, DE | University of Arts, Sculpture, Class Hörnschemeyer, Guest
2005-10 Dortmund, DE | University of Applied Sciences, Photo Design, Diploma

Curatorial Work (Selection)

2017 Vilnius, LTU | West German Association of Artists at Kunstmuseum
2013-14 Cologne, DE | Curator of GOLD + BETON, Ebertplatzpassagen

Cooperation (Selection)

since 2014 Bochum, DE | Member of West German Association of Artists
since 2011 Cologne, DE | Working for Art Collective Mühlenkampf/Raumfaltung

Teaching (Selection)

since 2017 Paderborn, DE | Faculty of Cultural Studies, Lecturers
2015-16 Cologne, DE | University, Department of Art & Theory of Art, Lecturers
2011-18 Düsseldorf, DE | Kunstsammlung NRW, Art- + Media Education

Exhibitions (Solo + Duo)

2018 Ulm, DE | Stiege ‚Repetitive Element‘ (S)
2018 Worpswede, DE | Projektraum Eichenhof ‚Ausnahmezustand‘ + Daniel Wrede
2017 Dundalk, IE | The Corridor ‚Brexit-Fish‘ (S)
2017 Cologne, DE | MATJÖ (BBK) ‚Deutschland mon amour‘ + Florian Egermann
2017 Düsseldorf, DE | Walzwerk null ‚texting while driving‘ + Timothy Shearer
2017 Hamminkeln, DE | Schloss Ringenberg ‚They called this place a stronghold‘ + Yannis Pappas
2017 Düsseldorf, DE | Antichambre ‚EAST WEST‘ + Arseniy Shuster
2016 Bonn, DE | St. Helena ‚Interreligious Dialogue‘ (S)
2016 Cologne, DE | St. Gertrud ‚Interreligious Dialogue‘ (S)
2015 Bochum, DE | Gallery januar ‚im Falle des Fallens‘ (S)
2015 Cologne, DE | ComeTogether Projekt ‚nothing comepares to me‘ (S)
2015 Cologne, DE | GOLD + BETON ‚Über-Bild‘ (S)
2015 Cologne, DE | Gallery Nagel Draxler ‚Zeitschleife‘ (S)

Exhibitions (Selection)

2020 IR Belfast | Catalyst Arts Gallery
2019 DE Wilhelmshaven | Kunsthalle ‚NORDWESTKUNST‘ Award
2019 DE Dortmund | Hartware MedienKunstVerein | ‚Der Alt-Right-Komplex‘
2019 DE Cologne | The Kölnisches Stadtmuseum ‚Photoszene‘
2018 DE Leipzig | D21 ‚Anger is a solution, if anger means kittens‘
2018 DE Düsseldorf | Mélange @ ART Düsseldorf
2018 DE Cologne | Kölnischer Kunstverein ‚Cologne Art Book Fair‘
2018 A Hallein | Stille Nacht Museum ‚Silent AIR
2018 DE Cologne | Akademie der Künste der Welt ‚Floraphilia‘
2018 DE Cologne | Glasmoog – Space for Art and Discourse ‚Post-Konflikt‘
2017 DE Aachen | Kunsthaus NRW Kornelimünster ‚new talents‘
2017 LTU Vilnius | Titanik Gallery
2017 DE Bochum | Kunstmuseum ‚Eye to Eye‘
2017 DE Düsseldorf | Weltkunstzimmer ‚IN/OUT – The Universe‘
2016 DE Bielefeld | Kunstverein ‚Asylum‘
2016 TUR Istanbul | blok art space ‚loop‘
2016 DE Cologne | Kunststation St. Peter
2016 DE Cologne | Museum Schnüttgen ‚new talents biennale‘
2016 DE Düsseldorf | Shelter-Church Heerdt ‚Contemporary Crises‘
2016 A Klagenfurt | Galerie3 ‚Stadt~Land‘
2016 DE Recklinghausen | Kunsthalle ‚new talents‘
2016 DE Essen | PACT Zollverein ‚Atelier‘
2015 UK York | St Marys ‚Aesthetica Art Prize‘
2015 DE Bonn | Bundeskunsthalle ‚Kunststudenten stellen aus‘
2015 BE Brussels | NRW Representation
2015 DE Halle (Saale) | Werkleitz Festival ‚Move On‘
2015 DE Berlin | Meinblau ‚we animals‘
2014 DE Munich | Kunstpavillion ‚Full Saturation‘
2014 A Linz | Salzamt ‚walks and traces‘
2014 CH Basel | Kaskadenkondensator ‚Das Marsie’s‘
2014 DE Cologne | Wallraf-Richartz-Museum ‚Kunstnacht‘
2013 DE Essen | Folkwang Museum ‚Video Folkwang‘
2013 LTU Vilnius | Gallery Akademija ‚un(a)counting‘
2013 TLD Bangkok | Culture of Promotion Center
2013 CO Bogotá | La Fundación Gilberto Alzate Avendaño
2012 CA Montreal | Goethe Institut ‚Wann sehe ich Photonen?‘
2012 DE Karlsruhe | Badischer Kunstverein, Kunstraum Morgenstraße ‚Powerplay‘
2012 DE Bonn | Bundeskunsthalle ‚ECHORAUM sechs minus‘
2011 PRC Shanghai | Madein Space
2006 DE Cologne | Photokina ‚Deutscher Jugendfotopreis

Publications (Selection)

Künstlerhäuser Worpswede | ‚Ausnahmezustand‘ curated by Katharina Groth, Catalog
University of Paderborn, Faculty of Cultural Studies | ‚Impulse‘, Magazine

The Corridor | Ireland curated by Anne Mager, Catalog (Cover)
Caritas Cologne | ‚Fluchten‘ curated by Dr. Johannes Stahl, Magazine + Catalog
St. Open | Cologne, Catalog
Mélange @ ART Düsseldorf, Book

Schloss Ringenberg | ‚They called this place a stronghold‘ curated by Franziska Wilmsen & Herbert Ploegman, Catalog
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Bielefelder Kunstverein | ‚Asylum‘ curated by Thomas Thiel, Catalog
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Aesthetica Art Prize, UK, Catalog
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Academy of Media Arts Cologne | ‚off topic #5: verlieren‘, Magazine
KHM at ART COLOGNE | ‚Eden Was Never So Close‘ curated by Heike Ander, Catalog

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KHM at ART COLOGNE | ‚Densification‘ curated by Hörner/Antelfinger, Catalog
Academy of Media Arts Cologne | ‚off topic #4: zulassen‘, Magazine

‚Im Kontinuum der Bilder. VJing als Medienkunst im interdisziplinären Diskurs‘, Book (Cover)
‚Difference and Dialogue‘, Book (Cover)

Talks (Selection)

University of Paderborn | Faculty of Cultural Studies, Artist Talk
Künstlerhäuser Worpswede, Artist Talk

Kölnischer Kunstverein | ‚Cologne Art Book Fair‘, Artist Talk
Literatursalon Donau (Ulm), Artist Talk
Schmiede Hallein | ‚SilentAir‘ with Florian Egermann, Artist Talk
KYOTOBAR Cologne | Löcher im Konzept, Platform

K20, Kunstsammlung NRW Düsseldorf | Artist Talk with Akram Zaatari / ARAB IMAGE FOUNDATION / ‚Against Photography‘

Bielefelder Kunstverein | ‚Asylum‘, Artist Talk
blok art space Istanbul | ‚loop‘, Artist Talk
Arts Foundation NRW Düsseldorf | ‚Art between Aesthetics, Market and Society‘, Platform
K20, Kunstsammlung NRW Düsseldorf | Artist Talk with Andreas Gursky / ‚not abstract‘
Dialograum St. Helena Bonn | ,Interreligious Dialogue‘, Platform

Bundeskunsthalle Bonn | ‚Kunststudenten stellen aus‘, Artist Talk
a.r.t.e.s. Graduate School for the Humanities Cologne | Artist Talk
Urban Art Festival Cologne | ‚City Leaks‘, Artist Talk
blicke Filmfestival Bochum | ‚Art and Business‘, Platform

Rautenstrauch Joest Museum/VHS Cologne | ‚Fetish weapons and traditions, Colombia and Germany‘, Lecture
GOLD + BETON Ebertplatzpassagen Cologne | Artist Talk with Elizabeth McTernan & Timothy Shearer

Academy of Media Arts Cologne | ‚What happens in the arts?‘, Lecture
GOLD + BETON Ebertplatzpassagen Cologne | Artist Talk with Sina Seifee & Jan Goldfuss
GOLD + BETON Ebertplatzpassagen Cologne | Artist Talk with Evamaria Schaller & Pia Schauenburg

Hexagram-Concordia Montreal | ‚When do I see photons?‘, Artist Talk


Amerika-Gedenk-Bibliothek, Berlin
Private collections in Germany and Austria

Public Art Projects

2019 DE Cologne | Escalator on Ebertplatz | Collaboration with Evamaria Schaller